Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yogurt Health Benefits

Yogurt provides a wide range of health benefits. It is beneficial for the skin and aids digestion. it also helps to bring down blood pressure.

Yogurt is produced by the fermentation of milk. It is an excellent nutrient. It is called a probiotic, which means that it contains bacteria which are beneficial to health. The sour taste of the yogurt is due to conversion of lactose into lactic acid by bacteria during fermentation.

Yogurt  for Digestion

Yogurt made from cow's milk is one of the easiest foods to digest as it contains the digestive enzyme, lactase. It is more easily digestible than milk. It also helps to prevent stomach ulcers and colon cancer. It also aids in the reduction of weight. It creates sour conditions in the stomach which destroy other bacteria like the coli bacteria. So it helps in the prevention of diarrhea.It also acts a colon cleanser. 

Some people have problems in digesting lactose. The live bacteria contained in yogurt, aids the digestion of lactose. Fat free yogurt is one of the best health foods available. It can be blended with fruits for taste. Banana, berries, peaches are some of the fruits which can blend very well with yogurt. They can either be mixed in a blender or mixed with yogurt in a bowl and eaten.

Yogurt can fight cancer of the stomach. It can act as a mouth freshener as it can kill the microbes that cause foul smelling mouth. It can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, as it absorbs cholesterol in the small intestine. Thus it can help prevent coronary heart disease.

Yogurt contains calcium in good quantities which prevents osteoporosis. Calcium also helps in developing and maintaining strong teeth and gums. 

Yogurt Benefits for Skin

Yogurt is a very good moisturizer. application of yogurt 2-3 times a week to your face will make your skin soft, smooth and hydrated. 

Application of yogurt to your face will provide relief from sunburn

As yogurt has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it helps to get rid of acne.

Yogurt helps to dissolve the dead cells from from the skin pores and tighten the skin. it slows down the formation of wrinkles and lines.

Studies have shown that it can add years to your life. It can also prevent vaginal infection. Yogurt helps to improve your immune system and helps the prevention of diseases. Daily consumption of yogurt can prevent any kind of infection.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Health Benefits of Meditation

Health benefits of mediation are well known. Meditation has been in practice for thousands of years. 
                                                                                                                      There are several forms of meditation. They can be categorized broadly into two main forms. The Zen based forms and the Hinduism based forms. Hinduism based forms practiced today called the concentrative meditation, focuses on the breath, an image or repetitive chanting of a mantra or a sound like “om”. 

Types of Meditation

There are different types of meditation some of the important one’s are

Concentration Meditation
Mindful Meditation
Reflective Meditation
Creative Meditation

Meditation for Relaxation

As you meditate your blood pressure and pulse rate come down. The nerves relax and are revitalized. You will feel a sense of deep relaxation. 

Meditation is to focus your mind on an object. When you meditate you will be oblivious to your surroundings. You will be seeing the object through your mind’s eye. Your mind will be totally focused on the object.

There are three stages in meditation. The initial concentration, getting absorbed (meditation). The third stage is that of deep absorption. To attain the last deep absorption stage it require quite a bit of practice. But it is definitely worth the trouble.

Your anxieties, troubles, fears will all melt away. Your mind and body will be totally refreshed. Regular practice of meditation will help you to concentrate better.

Meditation for Health

Meditation also will help reduce your blood pressure. For patients with hypertension, meditation can be used as a method to reduce their blood pressure. Meditation can cure patients with mild hypertension, and totally eliminate their dependence on drugs. As cardiovascular problems are one of the major causes of death in the world, meditation could go a long way in reducing such deaths.

Wear loose clothes. Sit in a quiet place. Close your eyes. Focus on a point or any object in your mind’s eye. Keep chanting the word ‘om’. Your mind will travel away from worries, anxiety and fear. You will feel peace and tranquility enveloping you.

Agitation, anxiety, fright, will make your breathing shallow. Meditation will make your breathing regular. Meditation will also help improve your concentration.

Meditation may even reduce your pain, as you totally focus your mind elsewhere.