Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Health Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey: Weight Loss: Diabetes

Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of a small tree which grows mostly in Sri Lanka. This is used as a spice in Indian cuisine. An aromatic essential oil can be obtained from this bark. It has excellent anti-microbial properties. Honey also has similar anti-microbial properties. There are several heath benefits of  cinnamon and honey. It also aids weight loss. 
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Heart Ailments

Plaque buildup along the artery walls makes them inflexible and narrow. This will hamper the smooth flow of blood. Plaque buildup is the result of high levels of cholesterol in blood. Make a paste by mixing a tbsp of honey and a tsp of cinnamon.  You can use this as bread spread instead of jam and butter. It will help to reduce the LDL levels and arterial plaque.  It will also help to make the blood vessels more flexible, improve heartbeat and reduce the chances of heart attack.


Honey and cinnamon paste is a very good remedy for arthritis. Alternately make honey cinnamon tea by adding a tbsp of honey and a tsp of powdered cinnamon to a glass of warm water. Drink it twice daily. It will help to reduce arthritic pain.

Skin Remedies

Honey cinnamon paste can be used as a topical application for a variety of skin problems as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It provides relief from eczema and ringworm infections. It is also a very good remedy for acne. Apply the paste on the affected area before bedtime and wash it off next morning. It will help to reduce the inflammation and itching.  

Weight Loss

Drink honey cinnamon tea every day before breakfast on an empty stomach. Honey is a rich source of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Even though honey is a kind of sugar, it does not hinder the metabolism of fats and cholesterol. Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar levels and fights against insulin resistance. It also helps to fight against obesity. Intake of cinnamon and honey over a period of time helps to bring down your weight substantially.

You can also add lemon to this honey cinnamon concoction. Addition of lemon accelerates weight loss.

For Diabetics

Honey and cinnamon tea helps to bring down blood glucose levels. Diabetics are prone to high LDL because of the increased blood glucose. Cinnamon and honey brings down the high cholesterol levels reducing the chances of heart attack.

Sore Throat

If you have a sore throat drink warm honey- cinnamon tea several times a day. It can also be used as a throat gargle. Gargle this liquid once every two hours. It provides relief from sore throat and opens up the blocked sinuses.

These are some of the health benefits of cinnamon and honey

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honey and Lemon Health Benefits

Honey and lemon combine to provide a  variety of health benefits. They help to reduce weight They also help promote skincare. A cough syrup made from honey and lemon can provide relief from cough. Honey and lemon facemask can get rid of acne.

Honey Health Benefits

Honey not only has a delectable taste but is also good for health. Honey provides instant energy and increases your stamina. It helps to prevent fatigue. It has antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It helps to boost the immune system. It can be used as an antiseptic to treat wounds. It is a very good remedy for throat infection. Honey can be used in combination with lemon, cinnamon, and other herbs for a variety of health benefits. It is being used by traditional medicinal systems like ayurveda. Honey can be used as a sweetener to replace sugar.
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  Lemon Health Benefits
Lemon is very useful in the treatment of throat infection, hair care and high blood pressure. It provides a boost to immunity. Lemon contains flavonoids and vitamin C.  It is also a very good antioxidant. It is an excellent remedy for indigestion and constipation. Lemon juice in combination with water, salt and soda is a very good post lunch or post dinner drink, as it aids digestion. Lemon can cure toothache and stop bleeding from the gums. It is extensively used for hair care and skincare.

Honey and Lemon for Weight Loss

Both of them contain vitamins and minerals. They can help to melt down fat deposits in the body. Honey contains natural fruit sugar which is digested easily. Add one tbsp of honey and 3 tsp of lemon juice to a glass of water. Stir it well and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. It not only provides energy boost but also aids digestion. Drink honey lemonade after dinner too. It would help you to lose weight.

Honey and Lemon for Cough

If you have a cold, cough, bronchitis or asthma, honey with lemon juice is a very good remedy. It acts as an expectorant and pushes out phlegm. It is more effective than most of the over the counter cough syrups. Add a tbsp of honey and 3 tsp of lemon juice to warm water. Drink it several times a day. Honey will help to clear the mucus in the chest. If you are finding it difficult to sleep at night because of cough, it is a very good remedy.

Honey Lemon Face Mask

Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a very good moisturizer. It can penetrate the skin and absorb the impurities from the pores. It also helps to keep the skin fresh, smooth, wrinkle free and glowing.
Lemon is a very good exfoliator. It can get rid of acne, sun spots and other blemishes from the skin.

Squeeze a lemon into a bowl and add a tbsp of honey. Mix it thoroughly. Apply it to your face. Make sure that you keep it away from your eyes and hair. Wash it off after 30 minutes. Repeat the process twice weekly.

Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

This is a very good remedy for cold and flu. Add two slices of ginger to two glasses of water and boil it. Add 3 tbsp of honey and 3 tbsp of lemon juice to it. Strain the liquid after it cools. Drink it several times a day.

These are some of health benefits of honey and lemon.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Indigestion and Heartburn Remedies

Indigestion and heartburn are quite common and affect many people. The reason for heartburn is the increased acid production combined with increased pressure within the stomach. It can cause severe uneasiness and pain. It is also chronic and needs treatment. There are several natural indigestion and heartburn remedies

Dietary Changes

Some basic changes in your diet and lifestyle are essential to cure heartburn. You should consume smaller quantities of food at intervals. You should also eat slowly. Patients of heartburn should avoid tomatoes, citrus fruits, fatty and spicy foods. Also avoid onion, garlic, chocolate, peppermint and aspirin. You should also reduce the intake of alcohol and carbonated drinks. The changes in diet and lifestyle will help to cure the disease.


Antacids help to neutralize the effects of stomach acid and provide relief. Antacids are available in the form of liquid as well as tablets

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Natural Remedies for Indigestion and Heartburn


 Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which helps to digest food easily and prevent heartburn. Papaya has to be taken before meals. Pregnant women and people with latex allergy should not take papaya. 


Banana is a natural antacid. It forms a coating on the stomach which helps to reduce irritation and pain. But only ripe bananas are recommended. Unripe bananas have a high acid content and also starches that have not been converted to sugar. It is difficult to digest an unripe banana.


Ginger aids digestion and is also a very good remedy for heartburn. Add a few slices of ginger to water and boil it. Strain the liquid after 15 minutes. Drink it several times at intervals till you get rid of the symptoms. Ginger candy is also very useful. Chew a small piece of ginger candy. If the symptoms persist chew one more.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is a very good remedy for heartburn. It can reduce the inflammation and protect the stomach. But licorice root should not be taken for long periods as it increases blood pressure.


Turmeric can improve digestion and also prevent heartburn. Add half tsp of turmeric to milk and drink it before meals.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera will provide a protective coating on the esophagus and stomach lining. Drink a glass of aloe vera juice before you have food. It can also be mixed with a non-acidic fruits like apple or grapes if you don’t like the taste. Keep drinking the juice till you get rid of all the symptoms.


Even though vinegar is an acid, it helps to neutralize the stomach acid. As vinegar is likely to damage teeth, it should be followed by a glass of water.

Almond Oil

Almond oil can neutralize stomach acids. Drop 2-3 drops of almond oil on your tongue and follow it with a glass of water.

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can provide immediate relief. But it can raise blood pressure, if used frequently.

These are some of the indigestion and heartburn remedies.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home Remedies for Hangover

Get Rid of Hangover Fast -  Several home remedies for hangover are available. Heavy breakfast, honey and peppermint tea are some of the remedies

It is better to prevent a hangover than cure it. Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks should be avoided. Here are home remedies for hangover.

Ways to Prevent a Hangover

Hangover is the result of dehydration which may cause dry mouth and headache. Drink generous quantities of water between your drinks. If you had a peg or two more, drink a glass of water before you go to bed. A large glass of lemonade is even better as vitamin C is a very good cure for hangover.
Source:Wikimedia Commons: Tomas er

Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Make sure that you have a few snacks before you start to drink. Some snacks along with the drinks would also be of help.

Shower for Hangover

Take a shower as soon as you wake up. Warm water on the head will help you to get over the after effects of your drinks.

Banana for Hangover

Banana is an excellent home remedy for a hangover. It neutralizes the diuretic effect of alcohol by replenishing the lost potassium. As banana contains 75% water it also replenishes the water lost. It also contains vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Vitamins help to neutralize the effect of alcohol and prevent liver damage.

Gin and Vodka

Clear alcoholic drinks like gin and vodka are less likely to cause a hangover than colored drinks like whiskey, red wine, rum and bourbon. Stick to the same alcoholic drink always. Mixing them or changing them often is not advisable. The body adapts more easily to a single drink.

The major reason for hangover besides alcoholic dehydration is late nights. Getting plenty of sleep will help you to recover from the after effects.

Some people believe drinking more alcohol will help to prevent a hangover. But greater levels of alcohol in the blood will prolong the problem.

Breakfast for Hangover

Heavy breakfast is an excellent home remedy for hangover. Eating a heavy breakfast next morning will help you to get rid of the hangover. Fatty and greasy foods like grilled cheese sandwich, bacon, and eggs will be of great help. 

Honey for Hangover

Honey is a very good home remedy for hangover. Take 2 tsp of honey as soon as you wake up. Repeat it every half an hour. Honey contains fructose which helps to metabolize alcohol quickly.

Peppermint Tea

Add 2 tsp of peppermint herb to boiling water and steep it for 20 minutes. Strain the liquid and drink it.

Exercise for Hangover

Exercise is a very good neutralizer for hangover. Drink two full glasses of water and take a walk.  You can even go for swimming, cycling or jogging.


-      Don’t drink coffee as caffeine may aggravate the problem.

-      Aspirin, ibuprofen and Tylenol may multiply the problem several fold.

These are some of the home remedies hangover

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

Healthy skin is an important part of your appearance. Several natural methods are available to get glowing skin naturally at home.

Skin is the largest part of the human body. Flawless skin is not only important for appearance but also to protect the internal organs. It regulates the body temperature and protects the body from infection. Even if you don’t have any health problems, skin may at times appear lifeless and dull. Several natural products are available to get a glowing skin.

Tips for a Glowing Skin

A plethora of products are available in the market for skincare. Most of them contain chemical ingredients and harm the skin in the long run.  It is always safer to use natural products for skincare.

Homemade Face Mask 

Homemade face masks help to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.  It helps to exfoliate the skin and remove all the dead cells. It also helps to improve blood circulation. It is a very good remedy for acne, blackheads and white heads. Homemade face masks can remove blemishes and make the skin soft and glowing.

Source: La Grande Farmers Market  
Cucumber Face Mask

The idiom “as cool as a cucumber” can be used in the context of a face mask also. Cucumber has a cooling effect on the skin. Cucumber slices can be rubbed on the facial skin. Mash cucumber with a fork. Mix it with oatmeal and milk. Grind it into a fine paste, apply it to your face and wash it off after 30 minutes. It leaves your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Before the application of any face mask, wash your face with water and strip whatever cosmetics and lotions you have applied. It is essential that the skin pores open up to let in the ingredients of the face mask.

Banana Face Mask

Mash banana with a fork. Add a tsp of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix it well. Apply to your face and wash it off after 30 minutes.

Banana is an excellent moisturizer. It softens the skin and makes it smooth and glowing. It also exfoliates the skin. It contains food acid which helps to remove the dead skin cells. It is also an antioxidant which can keep the skin fresh and wrinkle free. It is also an excellent treatment for sunburn.

Banana, Yogurt and Honey for Glowing Skin

The combination of banana, yogurt and honey make an excellent recipe for a face mask. Honey is a very good moisturizer. Yogurt helps to clean and disinfect the skin pores. It also helps to keep the skin free from acne. You can mix the ingredients and make it into a fine paste. Apply it your face and wash it off after 30 minutes. Repeat the process at least thrice a week

Turmeric and Milk Cream

Turmeric powder can be mixed with milk cream and applied to the face. After 20-30 minutes it will dry and the skin will become tight. Wash it off with warm water and pat your face dry with a towel. It will hydrate your skin and make it soft, smooth and glowing

Turmeric and Sandalwood

Mix turmeric powder with sandalwood powder and yogurt. Apply the resulting paste to your face. Turmeric brightens your skin and adds glow. Sandalwood removes the blackheads and dark spots. Yogurt will have a cooling effect on your skin. The combination of these ingredients will not only add a glow but also give a sweet smelling aroma of sandalwood to your skin.

Almond Facial Mask

Take 8-10 almonds and soak it in milk overnight. Remove the skin and grind it into a fine paste. Add 1 tsp of honey and 3 tsp of lemon juice. Mix it well and apply it to your face. It will not only make your skin soft and smooth but will add a glow to it.

Compare the results obtained with any of these face masks with those available in the market. They are not only economical but also more effective. These are some of the methods to get a glowing skin.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

How to Make Your Hair Thicker Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil proves excellent nourishment for the hair and helps to make your hair thicker, soft, smooth and shiny. 

Hair loses its natural oils with exposure to sun, pollution and shampoo. Hair dryers can also dry up natural oils.  Coconut oil helps to rejuvenate and revitalize hair. It has been extensively used for hair care for thousands of years. It provides excellent nourishment for hair and hair roots. It penetrates the hair shaft and promotes the health of hair follicles. Coconut oil helps to prevent loss of protein content of the hair by shampoo. It makes hair soft and shiny. It promotes hair growth and helps to make your hair thicker.
A Rare Twin Coconut
Hair is made of dead protein filaments. The major component of hair is called keratin. The cells inside the hair follicles under the skin are the only part of hair that is alive.

It is necessary to wash your hair frequently to keep it clean. Coconut oil helps to prevent the loss of hair. It is also a very good remedy for dandruff, split ends and thinning hair. It helps to prevent baldness.

Fatty Acids

Coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids like linoleic acid, oleic acid and caprylic acid. It is a very good emollient. It provides the necessary moisture for hair and is especially good for dry hair.

How to Use Coconut Oil

Keep the bottle of coconut oil in a glass of warm water, till the oil melts. Rub the oil gently to your scalp with a massage. Cover it with a towel before going to bed. It can be washed off with shampoo next morning.

Coconut Oil as Hair Conditioner

As coconut oil contains proteins that promote hair growth. It can be used as a hair conditioner. Massage warm coconut oil to your scalp just before shampooing. It helps hair to retain its natural oils.

Coconut Oil with Lemon

Add a few drops of lemon to coconut oil and apply it to your scalp. Wash it off after half an hour. It will help to reduce gray hair and give a darker tone to the hair. It will also help to get rid of the dandruff.

Coconut oil for Lice

It can also get rid of lice, as it can kill both adult lice and eggs. Apply warm coconut oil to hair and shampoo it after some time. Comb your hair after it is dry. Repeat the process several times.

It has excellent antimicrobial properties and is a very good remedy for scalp infections.

Coconut oil is cost effective and is the best known hair tonic available. It promotes hair growth and helps to make your hair thicker.