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Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Home remedies for conjunctivitis will reduce the pain and bring down the inflammation. Conjunctivitis is a very common eye disorder. This can affect adults as well as children. The condition causes the inflammation of the thin mucous membrane covering the white portion of the eyes called conjunctiva. One of the main causes of such a condition is bacteria. The other causes are allergens and viruses. The infection causes the expansion of the small blood vessels in the eyes. This results in red, swollen eyes. Conjunctivitis is highly contagious. It also causes a white discharge from the eyes. The affected eye will experience itching and burning sensation.

Conjunctivitis Precautions

Several precautions have to be taken to stop the disease from spreading. Infected persons should not touch their eyes. They should wash their hands frequently. Conjunctivitis could be accompanied by watery eyes and runny nose. It has to be treated by a doctor. The eyes can be wiped with moist warm cloth to remove the gum like residue from the eyes. Avoid going to work or school till the disease is cured. Towels and handkerchiefs should not be shared. Through away tissues are preferable. It is also advisable to disinfect countertops, door knobs and sinks to stop conjunctivitis from spreading.

Conjunctivitis Treatment

A variety of remedies have been used to cure conjunctivitis over the years. Several home remedies are also used to treat conjunctivitis.


If the disease is due to bacterial infection then antibiotics is the best solution.  The doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics, drops or ointment.

Anti Allergy Eye Drops

If conjunctivitis has been caused by allergens then anti allergy eye drops are used. At times steroid creams are also used to reduce inflammation.

Saline Eye drops

At times dust and dirt can get into the eyes and cause conjunctivitis. Saline eye drops are quite effective in such circumstances.

Home Remedies

1.  Keeping a cold bread slice over the eyes will help remove the excess fluid and reduce the itching.

2. Cold moist sterilized cotton can be used as cold compress to reduce itching and remove the discharge

3. Add a few drops of chamomile or lavender oil to warm water and use it as a warm compress. Use a clean cloth for the compress. The cloth can be sterilized using a pressure cooker. The cloth has to be used only once. 

4. Add a few drops of baby shampoo to water and wash your eyes with it

5. Cold chamomile tea bags can be kept on the eyes for immediate relief.

Home remedies for conjunctivitis will help to provide immediate relief and reduce the symptoms.

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