Monday, February 28, 2011

Eczema Home Treatment and Natural Remedies

Eczema is a terrible dry skin affliction. It is ugly, embarrassing and is a very difficult disease to cure.  The biggest problem for eczema sufferers is to find a drug that relieves the symptoms. It is possible that no matter what drug your doctor may prescribe, your condition may not improve. At best you can hope to get some relief from the symptoms. People try varieties of eczema treatment and will be lucky if they can find something that works. But there are effective methods for eczema home treatment. It is not necessary that you depend on entirely on your doctor to find relief. There are certain natural remedies to get relief from skin rashes, itching and other symptoms of eczema.


Certain types of clothing can irritate your eczema. Man made fibers generally irritate sensitive skin. Cotton fabric can reduce the irritation. Wear cotton clothing as far as possible. Make sure that your bed is made of cotton. Perfumes fragrances and alcohol cause irritation if they come into contact with your skin.  Alcohol dries the skin by reducing the protection provided by natural oils. Make sure whatever you use on your skin is made of natural ingredients. This is an important step in eczema treatment.


Use filtered water to bathe. Most municipalities’ use chemicals like chlorine to purify water. Chlorine adversely affects your skin and aggravates eczema. You can use a simple shower head filter to remove these chemicals.

Ph levels

You should also restrict the acid ph levels on your skin. Whenever you buy soaps or shampoos check the labels and buy those with low ph levels. Higher ph levels will make the rashes to flare up.

Sugar levels

Sugar intake will also aggravate eczema. It has been established that there is a link between eczema and elevated sugar levels. Try to avoid sweets and sugar drinks like the colas. This will help to reduce the skin itching and discomfort.


It is necessary to use moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated as eczema always irritates dry skin. Whenever you wash your skin, your skin pores will open up. So make sure that you apply moisturizer whenever you wash your skin. The moisturizer will penetrate the open pores and keep your skin hydrated much longer. Most of the moisturizers that are available over the counter do not provide any protection against eczema. An important part of eczema treatment is to use natural products such as olive oil, coconut oil or creams containing Aloe Vera.

Honey and Neem Oil

Mix honey with cinnamon powder and apply it on the affected skin. It will provide symptomatic relief. Neem oil is also useful in providing symptomatic relief.


It is generally said that “you are what you eat”. Your immune system depends on what you eat.  The diet we eat these days consists too many chemicals and preservatives. It is difficult to digest the food you eat as the body is attuned to digesting natural foods. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. This will help the body to fight diseases like eczema.

The above steps will help to reduce the symptoms of eczema and help you fight the disease more efficiently. Eczema home treatment methods will not only save you money but will provide better relief.

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