Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Can Moles be Removed Naturally?

Moles can be removed naturally with easily available off the shelf natural remedies

When the skin cells instead of spreading out, get concentrated in one place hyper-pigmentation occurs and moles are formed. There are several reasons for the formation of moles. It could be due to sunlight, heredity or proliferation of pigmented skin cells. The size and color of the moles vary from light brown to dark blue. Pregnancy may also result in the formation of moles. Moles can be a blot on your looks. They can even turn cancerous. Moles can be removed surgically. A variety of natural remedies for mole removal are available.

Natural remedies for mole removal

Surgery can result in skin scarring. So some people prefer natural remedies.

Mix castor oil and caustic soda and make a paste. Apply this paste overnight. The moles will reduce in size and disappear after a few applications

Take a small slice of freshly sliced garlic or onion. Fasten it on the mole with a medical tape. It will disappear in a 3-4 days.

Milk can be obtained from the banyan tree trunk. Dip a piece of cotton into it to and apply it to the mole. It will disappear after a few applications.

Grind radish into a fine paste and apply it to the mole 3-4 times a day

Dandelion roots are very effective in removing the moles. Cut dandelion roots and apply the juice obtained on the mole several times a day

Take some cumin seeds. Add water and grind into a fine paste. Apply this paste on the mole several times a day

Chop some drum sticks and make a paste with the addition of fresh lime juice. And use it on the mole

Banana peel is a very good remedy for mole removal. Take a small piece of banana skin. Apply the pulpy side of the skin on the mole and hold it in place with a plaster

Empty the contents of a vitamin E capsule and grind it along with piece of garlic. Apply it to the mole and cover it with a plaster

Apply pure honey on the mole several times a day. It will disappear after few days

Wash the mole thoroughly with warm water. Dip a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar and fasten it on the mole with plaster. Remove the cotton after 15-20 minutes and wash it off

These are some of the simplest methods to remove moles naturally. They are an effective substitute for surgery.

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