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Aloe Vera Benefits for Hair and Skin

Aloe vera benefits for hair and skin have been proved over the years. Aloe Vera plant has been used as a cosmetic and natural medicine for thousands of years. Aloe vera gel is an excellent remedy for minor cuts and bruises. It is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of shampoos, soaps, lotions and skin care products. Aloe vera juice is a very good remedy for stomach disorders.

Aloe Vera Plant
  Source: Eric Siversmith : Wikimedia Commons
Aloe Vera to Grow Hair

Aloe Vera promotes hair growth. It has to be applied to the scalp at night and washed off next morning. It is a time tested remedy to stop hair loss. It is also a very good remedy to treat dry and dull hair. It can be used to treat dandruff. It not only retains all the natural oils but also provides nourishment to the hair. A wide variety of aloe vera based shampoos are available in the market.

Aloe Vera for Burns

Aloe vera is a very good remedy for burns.  Wash the affected area thoroughly with water. Then remove the excess water on the wound by patting with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Cut an aloe vera leaf at its widest part. Squeeze out the gel. If the gel from one leaf is not sufficient squeeze more leaves and get the gel. Apply it directly applied to the wound. It has a soothing effect on the wound. It has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties and prevents infection.  If aloe vera leaf is not available buy aloe vera gel. Make sure that the gel is pure and does not have any additives. It is extensively used as it regenerates the skin.

Aloe Vera for Skin

Cut an aloe vera leaf and squeeze out the gel. The gel

- Has excellent skin smoothening qualities

- Heals cracked skin and restores its natural beauty

- Prevents premature aging of the skin by nourishing it

- Removes dead skin cells

- Is a very good natural skin moisturizer.

- Is used as anti fungal treatment to heal fungal infections of the skin

- Is used to treat eczema

- Helps to reduce excessive pigmentation and lightens the dark spots on the skin.

- Is a very good treatment for acne and prevents its eruption

Making Aloe Vera Juice

Cut aloe vera leaf into small pieces after the removal of its spines. Put it in a blender and make juice. Some sugar can be added to it to make it taste sweet. It can be mixed with orange juice or lemon juice for better taste. Aloe vera juice is said to cure constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and several other inflammatory diseases.

Aloe vera shampoo can be made at home. Besides the aloe vera juice the other ingredients are soap, olive oil, coconut oil and glycerin. This is an excellent natural shampoo. It can be applied to the scalp directly.

Aloe Vera Face Mask

Wash Aloe Vera leaf thoroughly to get rid of all the dirt

- Cut it into small pieces

- Drop it in water and boil it

- Filter off all the leaf pieces

- Add three to four teaspoons of honey.

- Mix it thoroughly and apply the mixture to your face

- Wash it off after 30 minutes

- Repeat he procedure once a week for 4-5 weeks

- It will help you to get rid of acne.

Aloe vera juice helps to purify blood by removing dead skin cells. Aloe vera gel, when applied to the skin is quickly absorbed. It helps to relieve muscle pain and arthritic pain.
These are some of the aloe vera benefits for hair and skin.

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