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How Do You Stop Being Depressed Without Medication

Most people experience depression at some point of time in their lives. But if the depression lasts for more than two weeks you may need treatment. If you are depressed, your behavior, appearance, communication and attitude towards others may change completely. You will be disinterested in everything around you, including your daily chores. You may feel like avoiding company and would like to be alone. You may lose your appetite, and become forgetful. You may also sleep more. Uncombed hair, unshaven beard and dirty clothes are all signs of depression. At times you may even feel like committing suicide. Depression may make you feel that it is the end of the world for you. First you have to realize that the depression is temporary. You have to analyze the causes of depression.

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Major Causes of Depression

Most people feel depressed when someone close to them dies. But if you are emotionally attached to the dead person like son, daughter, wife or husband the grief will be very difficult to bear. The depression could last long.


Divorce or separation could be a major cause of depression. You may feel unwanted. The question crops up as to what to do next. You may feel insecure. If you have small children, getting separated from them could cause more agony.

Health Problem

Severe health problems could be another reason. A disease like cancer and unbearable pain due to the disease could be major cause of depression.

Environmental Factors

A hostile work environment with an unreasonable boss or coworkers may cause depression. Inability to meet the targets and likelihood of losing the job could cause anxiety and depression.


If you are an alcohol or drug addict trying to kick the habit, the sudden deprivation of the substance may cause depression.

For women the cause of depression could be hostile home environment, where they face violence.


Has your girl friend deserted you? Do you have a problem at the office and you have been overlooked for promotion?

Just think that no problem is insurmountable. Keep thinking of the solutions to the problem. You may get a more understanding girl friend. You can get a better job.

Spend as much time as possible with people with whom you feel comfortable. Socialize with positive people and put out the negative thoughts out off your mind. Avoid negative thinking people like plague.

Confide your thoughts and problems with your close friends and family. You can even go to a counselor or a clergyman.

Go to a concert or a movie with friends.  

Change your place of residence and move to a different place or town.

A good night’s sleep is essential to rejuvenate your mind and body. Your mind will rest and it can be said that you will be away from your problems as long as you sleep

Don’t always think about yourself and your problems.

Everyone faces difficulties at some point of time in their lives. You should understand that these problems are temporary and have confidence to overcome these problems.

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