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Health Benefits of Grapefruit: Weight Loss: Diabetes

Grapefruit may not be liked by everyone because of its bitter sour taste. But it is highly nutritious and has a variety of health benefits. Grapefruit contains very low amounts of fat, cholesterol and sodium. Grapefruit juice is very good for the heart. It helps to keep the skin healthy and lowers the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also aids weight loss. It is highly beneficial to drink a glass of grapefruit juice twice a day along with breakfast and dinner.

Grape Fruit
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Grapefruit Nutrition Facts

Health benefits of grapefruit include its very high nutritional value. It contains

- Vitamin A, C and B5
- Folate
- Calcium
- Dietary fiber
- Antioxidants like lycopene
- Phytochemicals

Grapefruit for Weight loss

Grapefruit has a fat burning enzyme which helps to promote weight loss. It helps to reduce the starch and fat content in the body. It is very low in calories. It is a very good source of vitamin C and potassium. It is said to be a high volume food as it has high fiber and water content. As a high volume, low calorie food, it will lessen your appetite without adding too many calories. It helps to increase insulin resistance. Higher levels of insulin make the body to store excess glucose as fat. Grapefruit helps to keep the blood sugar levels stable and reduce levels of the release of insulin. This helps you to lose weight.

Grape Fruit for Diabetes

Grapefruit helps to flush out excess sugar and starch from the body. It contains certain enzymes that reduce the levels of sugar in the blood. It also has abundance of dietary fiber and low content of carbohydrates. For people with a family history of diabetes, it helps to prevent or at least postpone the advent of the disease.

Immune System

Grapefruit helps to strengthen the immune system. Regular intake of grapefruit juice help to fight a variety of infections. It is very effective against cold and fever. Drinking grapefruit juice helps you to get rid of cough and throat infection

For Digestion

Grapefruit helps to strengthen the digestive system. Its fibre content helps to prevent constipation and improve bowel movement. Grapefruit juice has alkaline properties. It is an excellent remedy for acidity.

 For Fatigue

A glass of grapefruit juice helps to get rid of fatigue. It also helps to rid insomnia. Grapefruit juice before going to bed helps you to sleep better and overcomes insomnia.

 For Atherosclerosis

Grape fruit contains pectin fiber which will help to prevent or slow down atherosclerosis. It helps to lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). It will also lower the levels of triglycerides which is a fat, linked to heart disease. It has very high antioxidant content.

Other Health Benefits

- It is an effective drug poison eliminator
- Offers protection against cancer
- Fights against urinary problems and acidity
- Acts as a natural antiseptic for external wounds
- Aids bowel action
- It contains natural quinine which helps to treat malaria.

These are some of the health benefits of grapefruit.

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