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How to Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney stones are generally made up of a substance called calcium oxalate.  Certain other types of kidney stones also exist. They are cystine, uric acid and struvite. They are hard and have a sharp crystalline structure. They could be small or even grow up to the size of a golf ball. Small stones may pass out of the urinary tract unnoticed. But the larger stones can cause excruciating pain. They can even block the passage of urine. Several methods are available to dissolve the kidney stones naturally.

Reasons for the Formation of Kidney Stones

There are several reasons for the formation of the kidney stones. Some of the  common reasons are

- Not drinking enough water. The uric acid in the kidney gets concentrated leading to the formation of kidney stones

- Certain diseases like hyperthyroidism, Crohn’s disease, renal tuberculosis and urinary tract infections can cause the formation of kidney stones.

- Hereditary factors

- Diet can also be a reason for the formation of kidney stones.

- Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, spices, sugar products, meat and condiments

Symptoms  of kidney stones

- Severe pain in the groin

- Passing blood in the urine

- Pus cells in the urine

- Reduction in the amount of urine

- Burning sensation while urinating

Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

Water kidney stones

It is essential to drink at least two liters of water a day. This helps to dilute the levels of uric acid and prevent the formation of kidney stones.  Drinking coconut water also helps to flush out small stones from the kidney

Lemon kidney stones

Squeeze two fresh lemons in a liter of water. Add two tbsp of raw honey. You can mix it well in a blender. Consume small quantities of the liquid at regular intervals. You can also drink this early in the morning on empty stomach. A tsp of olive oil can be added to this. Lemon dissolves the kidney stones and reduces their size. Olive oil lubricates the stones and makes their passage out of the system easier.

Watermelon kidney stones

Watermelon has a very high water content. It also contains potassium salts. It is a diuretic which helps to increase the quantity of urine. Even water melon seeds have properties of a diuretic. Boil water melon seeds in hot water. Strain it and drink it at regular intervals. This not only flushes out the kidney stones but also prevents further formation.

Pomegranate Juice kidney stones

Pomegranate has several health benefits. It is considered to be a diuretic. Pomegranate can be eaten raw or taken in the form of juice. It will help to decrease the acidity of the urine. It also helps to dissolve the small stones.

Basil Juice kidney stones

Basil juice acts as a tonic for the kidney and is very good for its heath. Take a tsp of basil juice with a tsp of raw honey daily for six months.  This will help to dissolve and expel the kidney stones.

These are some of the methods to dissolve the kidney stones naturally and expel them. 

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Tomato juice is a very good natural remedy for kidney stones. Boiling figs in water and drinking it regularly also helps to get rid of them. 

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