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Banana Skin for Warts: Acne: Skin Care

Banana skin can get rid of warts and acne. It is very good for skin care. Banana peel is also a very good remedy for cracked heels

Banana is very good for health. It is an anti-oxidant and is rich in potassium. Banana skin peel may be slippery but is useful for skin care. Banana skin is a very good remedy for eczema and psoriasis. Rub the inside part of the skin to the affected area. It has an exfoliating effect and removes the dead skin. It also helps to reduce the pain and inflammation.
  Banana Skin
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Banana Peel for Dry Skin                                                                        
Banana skin is an excellent remedy for cracked dry skin. Cracked skin is not only ugly to look at but also painful. It you have cracked skin on the heels wet it with water. Rub the thicker areas with pumice stones. It helps to remove dead skin cells. But make sure that you don’t rub the stone on sores or blisters. Then wash your heels with an anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Rub the inside portion of the banana skin peel on the cracked heels. You will see the cracks disappear over a period of time.

Banana Skin on Warts

Warts are caused by virus which makes the cells on the outer layer of the skin grow rapidly. Banana skin can get rid of warts. Cut a square piece of banana skin to cover the wart completely and fasten it on the wart with a medical tape, so that the inside layer of the banana skin is on the wart. Fasten it overnight and remove it next morning. Repeat the process for several days and the warts will slowly disappear

Banana Peel for Acne

Acne is the result of skin glands producing more oil. Acne begins when the dead skin cells mix with the oil produced by the glands and blocks the skin pores. This results in the growth of bacteria on the skin, causing acne.

Rub the inside of a completely ripe banana peel over the affected area for 5-10 minutes. Wash your face before the application of the banana peel. Repeat the process for several days. The peel will help to get rid of the bacteria and acne. Banana peel contains antioxidants and potassium.  They can diminish visibility of the acne scars.

Banana Peel for Mosquito Bite and Poison Ivy

Banana peel helps to get rid of the itching due to contact with poison ivy and mosquito bite. Wash the affected area with water and soap. Rub the inside of the banana peel to get rid of the itching.

Banana Skin for Teeth Whitening

Banana peel is very useful for teeth whitening. Rub the inner part of the banana skin on your teeth after brushing regularly. Your skin will become sparkling white in 15 days.

These are some of the uses of banana skin 

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